At The Beginning of a New Year is a Convenient Time to be Pondering Your Priorities

It was fun capturing this scene of pandemonium as these birds jostled and competed for the food, which they considered was a limited resource.  In the same way, time is our limited resource, and we jostle our many competing priorities to fit them into the time available to us.  How wonderful would life be if we could just spend time on doing what we really wanted and only spend time with those we really wanted to be with?  Better still, it would be wonderful if everyone else has the same priorities as you and did the same things, at the same time in the same way.  Life would be so much simpler!  

Life is full of competing priorities, within ourselves and with those around us.  Is it as simple as to decide what is important to you and then focus your energy and time into these areas to live the life you want?  Previously, I have shared about the importance of really knowing yourself and to identify your own beliefs and values.

When you align your priorities with your core values, life flows more smoothly as these elements are then interconnected and everything is heading in the same direction.  Be guided by your values when setting your priorities.  To effectively manage your priorities, regularly do a stock take of your priorities.  A convenient time to do so is at the beginning of a new year.

Perhaps you’d like to experiment with this way of reviewing and setting your priorities. Firstly, make a ‘to do’ list of everything you feel is a priority.  Then like Santa Claus, check the list twice to see if it’s naughty or nice.  Any naughty items that no longer add value to your life and are a waste of time and energy are deleted off the list.  Then that only leaves the nice items.  If something is going well, leave it be and focus on finding ways to brings new priorities into your life that are not there yet.  To incorporate something new, try to schedule a specific time and day to work on that new item, and set realistic time frames.  In a life of competing priorities, continue to focus on one thing at a time until it’s completed then move on to the next, and spend increments of time regularly on big projects.

Like this little black duck, take some time away from the pandemonium of life, to be on your own.  Having the time and space to really consider what’s important to you, without any outside influence or pressure will help gain the clarity you need. You cannot always control all situations but you can use your circle of influence.  Looking at things from a different perspective provides the opportunity for changing from struggling to control everything (and everyone) to finding new ways to influence the outcome.

Are you unsure of where your priorities are at the moment?  Then complete the Wheel of Life exercise and you will receive a free report which gives you an easy to understand summary on how you currently rate your priorities.  If you need any help decoding your Wheel of Life, then let’s connect.

Please leave a comment and let me know your most important priorities that you have identified for 2022.

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