Mentor Coaching for New and Experienced

PCC and ACC Coaches

Gaye mentors emerging and experienced coaches for their PCC and ACC credentialing and ongoing professional development.

With this support, mentees are at their best with themselves and with their clients.

Both ICF Registered Mentor Coach and Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Gaye is a recognised professional. She has met rigorous educational and experiential requirements to master coaching: she has received top ratings for her work as a ReciproCoach PCC Recommended Mentor. 

Gaye gets to the point, identifying issues at a deeper level and bringing them to her mentee’s awareness. In this way, coaching becomes transformational for both coach and client. 

Gaye specialises in helping mentees overcome conflicts between thoughts, feelings and actions, owing to her ICF-accredited mBIT coaching certification. Her coaches are then empowered to bring the same changes to their clients, with confidence and authenticity. 

Gaye inspires self-reflection, action and confidence in her mentees, as attested in numerous ReciproCoach testimonials.  These go on to speak of her warmth and generosity, in mentoring with compassion, powerful questioning and the occasional shared laugh.

Mentoring with Gaye...see how it will improve your coaching skills.

                                               What Coaches say about mentoring with Gaye . . .

Gaye is phenomenal!  She is not critical and really wants you to stretch to the next level of coaching.  I am confident and looking forward to mentoring others using some of Gaye's techniques. Gaye is a great mentor and helps stretch your techniques to the next level.

Judy Micale

Coach - USA

Gaye is a very authentic and supportive coach who is sincere about contributing and serving her clients. She is open and honest about the situation, which helps the clients to be at ease and be themselves. Her questions are impactful and through compassionate listening, she helps the clients to feel heard and understood. I highly recommend Gaye as a coach.

Jayan Warrier

Coach - Singapore

It has really been a pleasure working with Gaye. She exceeded my expectations on what a mentoring would mean for me; she over-delivered in all the aspects of the sessions covering all my doubts, questions and providing guidance on many different details. Definitely it has been a great experience.

Eduard Lopez

Coach - Spain

Gaye is relaxed, direct and confident. She brings a casual, supportive style that quickly places you at ease and able to open and discuss all your skills without harsh judgment. Gaye reinforced confidence in my coaching style. She has a soft touch at delivering her message in a supportive environment.

John Smith

Coach - USA

Gaye listened to my coaching live within the session, opening up space for me to reflect on my own observations, encouraging me to listen for the positives as well as the space to grow, and succinctly shared her own observations in ways that helped me explore the learning potential of the moment.

Amy Jackson

Coach - Australia

Gaye is an excellent mentor coach. We worked together for myACC renewal. I appreciated Gaye's knowledge, skill andenthusiasm for coaching. She's also a great communicator witha warm, yet professional style.

Sheena King

Coach - UK

I worked with Gaye as my Mentor Coach to work towards my International Coaching Federation (ICF) credential. I learned so much from Gaye. Not only is she a very experienced coach, she is a very skilled Coach Mentor. She was able to walk the delicate line between mentoring (when I needed her knowledge and experience) and coaching (when I needed her to draw the answers out from within me.) Her approach is warm, yet practical. It was so helpful being able to talk through specific coaching scenarios so that I could take my coaching to the next level. Her questions were always thought provoking and made me really reflect deeply on my own coaching - both craft and business. If you are looking for a mentor coach or business coach who can help you both dig deep and move forward, I highly recommend Gaye.

Kate McCready 

Coach - Australia

Gaye is an amazing mentor for coaches. She assesses things quickly and always has powerful insights to share. She builds up the coaches' confidence and yet is able to provide suggestions for improvement. She has been invaluable as a mentor for my coach training. I would highly recommend her to any aspiring coach.

Robin Johnson

Coach - USA

Gaye facilitated my group mentoring and one-on-one mentor coaching sessions. Gaye’s coaching abilities have helped me tremendously as I’ve worked towards obtaining my ACC credential. Her ability to build trust and intimacy is commendable. Our sessions have not only contributed to my coaching journey but to my overall personal growth. I highly recommend her services!

Deborah Plummer

Coach - USA

Do you want to improve your coaching?

Affirm your coaching strengths and identify your areas for development. My approach to mentoring is to facilitate self-awareness and empower you with strategies to cultivate your coaching confidence.

Connect for free, without any obligation to you. All sessions are completely confidential.  You can connect from the comfort of your home via Zoom, Skype or phone.


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