Mental Fitness Challenge
6-week training program


"Building my mental fitness muscles enhanced my daily bliss, enabling me to be calmer and happier with the added benefit of being more productive.  I highly recommend this training if you are emotionally stressed from constantly listening to your negative critic and want to learn how to consistently turn down its volume.  

Being able to catch myself when hearing my critic, I can now take myself to a calmer place where I can tap into the positive wisdom that we all possess.  You too will learn these life-long skills and habits that will a positive impact on your performance, wellbeing and relationships, in just 6 weeks....Amazing!” - Gaye Kuelsen, Brisbane   

"Since I started the program, I have become a bit more forgiving of myself when I haven't achieved as much at the end of the day as I wanted in the morning. Recognising other people's behavioural patterns helps me to understand them more, helps me to feel more empathy towards them.

I think if everyone did this program, the world could become a better place with more love, forgiving and acceptance. Knowing that I am a high achiever and that harms me more than helps me, when my saboteur steps up I can let it go easier than before.

Just the fact that I am a high achiever made me realise why I act the way sometimes a typical high achiever does. I can come across as  "cold" and too business oriented, so I try to be less like that and more focusing on the other person or people around me, than only on the task ahead. That makes others feel better around me and I feel better too:)" - Mel, Brisbane

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