Getting to know you…Aren’t you glad you’re YOU?

On a recent trip to Norfolk Island, I captured these two photos – one of a forest of Norfolk Pine trees, and another growing on an outcrop, aptly named, ‘Lone Pine’. As humans, like these trees, were are similar in some aspects, though we all have our unique characteristics and attributes.  When our mental fitness suffers, we can feel like the single pine,  all alone and exposed.

How well you know yourself and really understand your values and beliefs can have a direct impact on your own happiness and success.  Your values and beliefs are the basis of your thoughts which influence your behaviours that create the results in your life.  Your beliefs are like undisputed directives, telling you how things are, what’s possible and what’s not, and the things you can and cannot do. 

Being aware of your beliefs and clear about what’s important to you, makes it very easy for you to know where to focus your time and energy.  You may feel overwhelmed and confused and don’t know where to start to make changes in your life.  Have you ever experienced that fixing one area of life causes conflicts with another, so finding the right balance seems impossible?

So take the time to discover and realign with your values.  Your values are the leading principles that can guide and motivate you through life.  Your priorities in life become much clearer when you have identified your core values.  You know what is important to you and you know the life you want to live.  You can decide how you really want to spend your time and with those you care most about.

To help you identify your own values, take a look at Kelly Wilson’s Valued Living Questionnaire. My most important values are:

  • Integrity – this means that what I say and what I do align.  Most importantly that when I say I will do something – that I do it.  That is, for me, the essence of integrity.
  • Gratitude – personally, this means for me never to take anyone for granted.  Also it is the cornerstone to my happiness.
  • Respect – I believe it is important to acknowledge that others are at different places in life and to respect where they want to be.  This place may be near or far as we all travel on our journey, and, at our own pace.

Did you gain any valuable insights from doing the questionnaire?  Please leave a comment and let me know your top three values.

Our awareness of the need to nurture our mental health is at an all time high.  I’m hosting a short 30 minute session sharing how you can strengthen your mental muscles and champion your own happiness and success in 2022. Tickets are free. Date – 19 Jan 2022.  If you can’t attend, register anyway to get access to the recording of the session.  For further details, leave a comment below or send a DM. 

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