How to tap into your Intrinsic Motivation to get what you want

What is it that you want when you achieve your goals? More money, healthier body, better job, faster car, larger house and the list continues…

But what are you really wanting when you get there?  The freedom of choice more money allows, a sense of wellness with a healthier body, more autonomy with a better job, a more comfortable lifestyle with a faster car and larger house.

My point is that in pursuit of our goals, our conscience outcome is usually something tangible, an extrinsic or external something.  But unconsciously the reward we are seeking is to feel good and/or great in some way.  The desire for this intangible feeling is the source of our intrinsic or internal motivation.

Most goal setting you do is usually on a conscience level where you want to achieve a something.  This works for some people, but not for everyone.  By tapping into your intrinsic motivation and being able to identify the feeling that is also attached to your goal, that is the secret to sustainable success.

The next time you are considering a goal, incorporate these four intrinsic rewards to guarantee your success:

1.     Sense of meaningfulness – what meaning or purpose does this goal hold for you?  You feel it is congruent with the path you are travelling.

2.     Sense of choice – you get to choose how you wish to accomplish your goal.  You feel responsible and own the work you are doing.

3.     Sense of competence – you feel proud of the work you are doing and with the standard you have achieved.

4.     Sense of progress – you feel you are moving in the right direction at a pace that encourages you to continue.

Also, leave a comment about how you will use intrinsic motivation when setting your goals.

To decide, design and delight with how you can use intrinsic motivation when setting your goals, contact me today.

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