How to Overcome Being So Busy in Your Business

Building your business can keep you very busy.  Whether you are selling products or providing a service, clients are the cornerstone of your business. So for most of us, attracting and retaining clients is a top priority. Your business cannot exist or flourish without its clients.

During the past few years while building my coaching practice, I have tried a number of strategies for attracting clients. Implementing passive approaches did not work so well for me. In a way, I waited for clients to ‘find’ me by responding to an ad, picking up my business card, or clicking onto my website. A more active method was what I found most effective for my business. I personally connect with people at networking and professional development events and workshops. Taking the time to make these connections gives me a sense of involvement in building my business, and, that I have a major influence on the results I achieve.  Providing excellent customer service is one of your best strategies to ensure repeat business and ongoing referrals.

The best customer service technique I have learned is to interact with one client at a time. Give that client your complete attention and the best experience of doing business with you. Being in the present moment, with no past or no future, takes away all stress. Appreciating and acknowledging each individual client is the key here to success.

Take a look at what keeps you busy in your business during each day. If you are too fixated on being busy, being often exhausted is a good indicator that this is happening to you. To reignite your motivation and inspiration, remember the reasons why you initially started your business. Then…keep building!

To decide, design and delight with how you can be less busy, and get everything done, contact me today.

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