How Learning to Love Can Change the Way You See Yourself

The important question is – How do we see ourselves in our own mind?  How quickly we praise and acknowledge other people’s strengths, talents and abilities.  Then when we look at our own reflection, we mainly see our shortcomings and weaknesses, often greatly underestimating the talents that lie within us. 

A common perception is if we ever talk about ourselves in a positive manner, then we are seen as boasting about ourselves.

Why do we belittle ourselves, only to boost and praise the capabilities those around us?  We all have a strong need to feel we belong wherever we are – at home, at work or within our community.  Being a part of a bigger something, gives us a feeling of safety and security.  So when we positively acknowledge the attributes of others, without drawing attention to our own weaknesses, we feel connected with those around us.

By putting ourselves to the test, and trying something new or taking on a challenge, we are taking a risk.  Most of us are risk adverse and are more content to stay within our comfort zone.  Here we don’t have to face the fear of the unknown, and avoid standing out, or taking on extra responsibility.  Often in these circumstances, we are on our own, and feeling alone is quite the opposite to fulfilling our need to belong.

So what impact does this limited view of ourselves have on our life? 

It places many filters and barriers on how we see ourselves, and we are blind to our own potential possibilities.  We feel trapped and restricted with the circumstances of our life.

As creatures of habit, we do the same things every day, and think the same thoughts every day.  We create stories that are part of our beliefs about ourselves, that keep us stuck in the same place day after day. 

We repeat the same patterns that we have learned in life, and consequently, we keep getting the same results.

So, how can we change the image of how we see ourselves?  There are some ways to learn to love your own reflection:

  • Challenge your beliefs – everything you think about yourself is not true, so find evidence to contradict your own stories
  • Ask others – we are quick to see the best in others, and the same is true for you.  Discover how other people really see your reflection
  • Take stock of yourself – create a list of your strengths and weakness, and find ways to improve and further development your innate capabilities
  • Get a different perspective – engage someone such as a life coach to help you take a look within yourself who will help see yourself with greater clarity

Leave a comment and share your insights about your own reflection.

  • Do you feel you have a true picture of your reflection?
  • Has your reflection changed over time?
  • What do you see when you look at your reflection?

To decide, design and delight with how you can change the image of yourself and learn to appreciate your own reflection, contact me today.

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