In 2021 Where Are You Now & Who Do You Want To Become In 2022

Seeing the new moon rising in a morning sky, was a new experience for me when visiting Cornwall in England a few years ago.  This memory has prompted me to ponder what lays ahead for the approaching new year and how you can contribute to your own happiness and success.

Knowing your strengths builds your capability to succeed. Knowing how to continuously build your strengths so they come through for you when it really matters, creates an upward cycle allowing you to go from strength to strength.

As you know, strengths are skills and traits that come naturally to you.  When using your strengths, you are in the moment and you don’t even notice you’re using them.  You are enthusiastic to put these skills to use and excited when you do.  You look forward to doing tasks that use your strengths and time passes quickly as you remain completely focused on what you are doing.

It’s easier to play to your strengths, rather than compensate for your weaknesses.  Building your strengths grows your success and is the foundation of living your life with your passion.

Being on your pathway and using strengths to your full potential:

  • broadens your focus and perspective
  • improves your capability to solve problems
  • builds resilience, persistence and flexibility
  • counteracts negative emotions and thinking
  • protects your health and wellbeing

So I invite you to do a stocktake of your strengths and think about ways how you can grow personally and professionally. What path do you want to tread in 2022? Here’s some ideas on how to improve your strengths:

  • Start to practice something
  • Research and expand your knowledge
  • Learn some new skills
  • Seek any help or support you need
  • Tap into other resources can you access to improve your strengths

I am curious to know what you are really good at, so leave a comment below.

Our awareness of the need to nurture our mental health is at an all time high.  I’m hosting a short 30 minute session sharing how you can strengthen your mental muscles and champion your own happiness and success in 2022. Tickets are free. Date – 19 Jan 2022.  If you can’t attend, register anyway to get access to the recording of the session.  For further details, leave a comment below or send a DM.

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