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Finding your Inner Bliss!
blissful relationship with yourself - free of struggle and sabotage

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You have it all!

Think about your own success. At this point in your life, you’ve found the work or career that is engaging and rewarding for you.  In love, you’ve met your significant other and quite possibly have some children in the mix.  You’ve surrounded yourself with family and friends who support you, have fun with and create the relationships that make your life really worthwhile. And you enjoy your lifestyle – where you live, the car you drive, other hobbies and interests and wonderful holidays during the year. 

Life is fun and exciting and engaging with others.  When people look at you, they see this external evidence of your success.

The cost of your success

You strive and work hard to control everything and make it perfect.  Though being a high achiever, you feel guilty and constantly struggle to do it all.  You feel time-stressed as you try to meet everyone’s demands. Outside looking in, you know your strengths and talents, but there are doubts deep down, whether or not this is true.  You have established good relationships with others, but what about with yourself?

What happens when you’re alone

This is when your critical voice starts reminding you that you’re not doing enough. Saying such hurtful things which you’d never ever say to anyone else.  Creating feelings of deep sadness and despair. You’re unable to control negative thoughts and feelings of helplessness, especially at night when trying to sleep. You believe everything must be a struggle.  If you do survive the struggle, then this proves you are worthy and deserving of your success. You sabotage your own success to keep you from really fulfilling your potential. How do I know this?  I speak from personal experience.

When two worlds align

We all have two worlds, internal and external. You can create your internal success and remove the inner struggle and sabotage, even in the face of daily chaos.  Inner Bliss is the relationship with yourself giving you internal harmony. Being strong inside will help you better manage your external situations and demands.  You will still do the same things each day, but inside, you will no longer feel frantic, but instead feel calmer and happier.  Imagine what your life would be like without this internal struggle or sabotage.

Finding Your Inner Bliss

Is an easy and fun learning experience, and is a skill you will definitely want to share with your family and friends.

You will learn how to build your mental muscles that will turn down the volume of your critical voice and tap into your positive inner wisdom. This intensive training actually rewires your brain in 6 weeks and will positively impact every area of your life and work.  This learning program is based on the principles of Positive Intelligence (PQ) which involves focused practice of just 2 minutes during the day.  I bet you just thought to yourself that you don’t have time.  I guarantee that you will find 2 minutes of focus during your day.

Get more done with ease and flow. Enjoy your current and future success with greater happiness and harmony.  Build and nurture healthy relationships that bring out the best in you and others.

For me, this training opened up feelings of optimism, possibility, freedom, lightness and achievement.  I loved the imperfection of the training. Even when I messed up, I was still learning.  Even during a ‘bad’ day, I have positive moments of inner bliss.

Repeating daily affirmations in the hope you will eventually believe them.
Trying always to being positive even when you know this is totally unrealistic.
Ignoring or pushing down negative thoughts and emotions as a way to avoid them.

Interested, curious and want to know more?

Go to the Mental Fitness Coaching page and I’ll show you how easily you can build your mental muscles. 

Here's 2 reasons why hard working individuals never get anything done:

How I help my clients design a blissful lifestyle and calm their daily chaos...

Despite living in this fast paced age of technology, I firmly believe that we all possess the internal resources to calm our daily chaos, set aside our struggles and eliminate guilt from our lives.

Though when in the midst of your chaos, it is extremely difficult to deal with daily life AND find the time and energy to make the changes you are desperately seeking. Here is where I can [and will] help you in 3 simple steps…

1. DECIDE - to have integrity with yourself.  Eliminate self-sabotage and identify the sneaky ways your saboteurs justify why there's no need to keep your promises to yourself.  Remove imposter syndrome by gathering evidence to know that you are worthy and deserving of all success and happiness you create in your life.

2. DESIGN - your health and wellness by making better choices and decisions to improvise your mental and physical energy so you can care for yourself and others.  Then clarify who and what is most important to you to know where to focus without guilt, and implementing strategies guaranteed that you will accomplish more by working less.

3. DELIGHT - as you rescue your time, working smarter (not harder) to eliminate anxiety and stress from your every day. Find time and quality in life being more aware of your blind spots that are holding you back.

Working together in partnership will give you the inspiration to get started, and the momentum and motivation to keep going and achieve really fast results.

Daily Bliss clients design their lives so they are happy, live healthy and rescue their time, plan a great day, and spend it on the people and things that matter most to them. Through their improved self-awareness, they have the confidence, the increased energy levels, clear thinking, minimised anxiety, and are able to better manage their stress.

Are you ready to calm the chaos in your daily life?  
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Gaye's coaching is intuitive, insightful, generous, compassionate and opens up a space for incredible enlightenment and the way forward. I love her sense of humour and generosity of ideas. I loved her walking along side me, with a guiding light and I would so recommend her to anyone, you will never be the same. Thank you so much Gaye.

Liz Gow

New Zealand

Gaye has a very direct yet nurturing coaching style. I appreciated that because I, too, am direct. Gaye's coaching helped me to evaluate the truth in my circumstance, feel comfortable with my discomfort and actions at the time, and take the time I needed to return to being whoever I needed to be.

Farnia Fresnel

Philadelphia, USA

Do you want to design your life of success?

Close the gap between where you are today – and where you want to be. My approach to coaching is to empower you in designing the life of success and bliss you want to live.

Connect for free, without any obligation to you. All sessions are completely confidential.  You can connect from the comfort of your home via Zoom, Skype or phone.


  • Achieve clear business direction | Improve resilience and confidence
  • Find time and quality in life | Accomplish more by working less
  • Identify blind spots that hold you back | INSPIRATION to get started

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Meet Gaye . . .

Gaye partners with time-stressed, overworked individuals to design their life of success and bliss, even in the face of daily chaos.

As an international professional coach, Gaye Kuelsen has seen how the numerous demands of modern living have negatively impacted on our lives. With each client, Gaye builds a relationship based on trust and safety and believes that, if a person wants to change their work or personal life to have a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment, then coaching will deliver these outcomes for them. 

With extensive corporate experience in business administration in the finance, insurance and medical industries, and over a decade in the government sector, Gaye brings her lived experience to her coaching. 

Gaye’s perspective on coaching is that it is a fun, positive and life changing experience. Her coaching sessions are a mix of self-reflection, inspired action with a hint of humour that stretch and challenge her clients so they gain the best results. With her unique style, Gaye brings together the powerful combination of building business success and developing personal capability. She shows you exactly how to discover what is important to you and how to make it your priority. 

To discover how you can decide, design and delight in your very own blissful lifestyle, even in the face of daily chaos, then request your free Connect Session today.

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