Business and Personal Coaching

Daily Bliss – Building Business Bliss for Women

As women in business, we are passionate about our work and love to care for our families. We constantly shift our attention and focus from work to home in an effort to meet everyone’s needs. However, time spent in one area and not the other brings with it strong feelings of worry and guilt.

Is each day the same that there is too much to do and never enough time?

Have our energy levels depleted to the point where we have no more to give?

Here is the solution – A way to focus your time and energy on your priorities to give you the effortless flow between work and home – without the guilt!

Coaching changes lives.  In the corporate sector, in the sporting arena and in our personal lives, every individual who strives to succeed in their chosen field always has a team of supporters.  Many engage a coach.  Working with a coach will take you to the next level of your success in building your business or building your personal capability.

Building Business Success

Some issues that impede building business are a lack of clarity of direction for the business and the failure to capture the influx of creative ideas for growth and expansion. Through our coaching conversations, I can assist you to prioritise to achieve fast results and provide the focus and delegation to getting you into action. Maintaining simplicity and time management help you enjoy the process. This improves your efficiency that leads to greater motivation and increased energy to continue building business success.

Building Personal Capability

Going through any transitions in life, professionally and personally, challenge our internal resources. Consequently, some individuals initially experience similar issues like a lack of self-confidence and reduced resilience with too much to do and never enough time. I help you slow down and find the quality in life to design your own day. Throughout our coaching sessions, I create an environment of safety and certainty. This space enables you to rediscover your own personal capabilities and emerge strong and independent with an inner calm. This in turn may inspire you to pursue new challenges with your health and fitness, in relationships and in your job or career.

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