I partner with super-busy, over-stressed, women in business, to build
 success and create a blissful lifestyle, even in the face of daily chaos

Start living every day, your way and be the master of your time.  

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Here's why women in business are super-busy,
over-stressed but never get everything done...

Never Enough Time

As women in business, we are passionate about our work and love to care for our families. We constantly shift our focus from work to home in an effort to meet everyone’s needs. However, time spent in one area and not the other brings with it strong feelings of worry and guilt.

Some issues that impede building business are a lack of clarity of direction for the business and the failure to capture the influx of creative ideas for growth and expansion.

Being super-busy and over-stressed impacts greatly on the quality of your work and life.​

Lost Momentum & Motivation

Going through any transitions in life, professionally and personally, challenge our internal resources. Consequently, some individuals initially experience similar issues like a lack of self-confidence and reduced resilience with too much to do and never enough time.

Finding space enables you to rediscover your own personal capabilities and emerge strong and independent with an inner calm. This in turn may inspire you to pursue new challenges with your health and fitness, in relationships and in your job or career.

Consider how I can help You

Here is the Solution...

A way to focus your time and energy on your priorities to give you the effortless flow between work and home – without the guilt!

I can assist you to prioritise to achieve fast results and provide the focus and delegation to getting you into action. Maintaining simplicity and time management help you enjoy the process.  I help you slow down and find the quality in life to design your day.

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How I help my clients design a blissful lifestyle and calm their daily chaos...

Despite living in this fast paced age of technology, I firmly believe that we all possess the internal resources to calm our daily chaos, set aside our struggles and eliminate guilt from our lives.

Though when in the midst of your chaos, it is extremely difficult to deal with daily life AND find the time and energy to make the changes you are desperately seeking. Here is where I can [and do] help you in 3 simple steps…

1. Firstly I make a map of your life, which is yours to keep, that captures every detail of your life and where you are right now, giving you the clarity and understanding of your current situation.

2. Next we focus on building your business success by setting a clear business direction and implementing strategies guaranteed that you will accomplish more by working less.

3. At the same time we will develop your personal capability which will improve your resilience and confidence, help find time and quality in life and become more aware of your blind spots that are  holding you back.

Working together in partnership will give you the inspiration to get started, and the momentum and motivation to keep going and achieve really fast results.

Daily Bliss clients design their lives so they are happy, live healthy and rescue their time, plan a great day, and spend it on the people and things that matter most to them. Through their improved self-awareness, they have the confidence, the increased energy levels, clear thinking, minimised anxiety, and are able to better manage their stress.

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What Clients Say when they start living every day, their way...

“Gaye's coaching was supportive, focused, insightful, and inspiring. She helped me see what was blocking me from achieving my goals and helped me put plans in place to overcome my barriers. We were focusing on my health, energy and eating. As a result of my coaching with Gaye I have shifted some old habits and replaced them with more energising and healthful habits which have enabled me to stay more consistent with my eating, exercise and energy levels.
Cathy Miles
London, UK
I really enjoy my sessions with Gaye as she always gives me new insights and approaches that I can apply to work, family and study situations. She encourages me to reflect on my actions and thoughts and how to make changes in my work habits that will help me to stay on top of my commitments. I feel more confident about meeting the challenges I have set myself for the next few years.
Sairose Jutha
Gaye has a very direct yet nurturing coaching style. I appreciated that because I, too, am direct. Gaye's coaching helped me to evaluate the truth in my circumstance, feel comfortable with my discomfort and actions at the time, and take the time I needed to return to being whoever I needed to be.
Farnia Fresnel
Philadelphia, USA
Gaye's coaching is intuitive, insightful, generous, compassionate and opens up a space for incredible enlightenment and the way forward. I love her sense of humour and generosity of ideas. I loved her walking along side me, with a guiding light and I would so recommend her to anyone, you will never be the same. Thank you so much Gaye.
Liz Gow
New Zealand


Connect for free, without any obligation to you. All sessions are completely confidential.  

Sessions are done over Skype or the phone, so you can connect from the comfort of your home.


  • Achieve clear business direction
  • Improve resilience and confidence
  • Find time and quality in life
  • Accomplish more by working less
  • Become more aware of your blind spots that may be holding you back
  • INSPIRATION to get started

Meet Gaye

Gaye partners with super-busy, over-stressed, women in business, to speed up success and create a blissful lifestyle, even in the face of daily chaos.

As a professional coach and lifestyle balance expert, Gaye Kuelsen has seen how the numerous demands of modern living have negatively impacted on our lives. Gaye believes that no one ‘needs’ coaching. However, if a person wants to change their work or personal life to have a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment, then coaching will deliver these outcomes for them.

With extensive experience in business administration in the finance, insurance and medical industries, and over a decade in the government sector, Gaye brings her lived experience to her coaching.

Gaye’s perspective on coaching is that it is a fun, positive and life changing experience. Her coaching sessions are a mix of self-reflection, inspired action with a hint of humour that stretch and challenge her clients so they gain the best results. Unlike other professional coaches, Gaye brings together the powerful combination of building business success and developing personal capability. She shows you exactly how to discover what is important to you and how to make it your priority.

I​f you wish to create your blissful lifestyle, even in the face of daily chaos, then request your free Connect Session today.